Ready Lift Z-71 Off Road Chevy Silverado 1500 SST Lift Kit, 2014-UP, 4WD, 2.25"F/1.75"R W/ TUBULAR CONTROL ARMS

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ReadyLIFT is proud to introduce a new SST Lift Kit system for the 2014-UP 1500-series Silverado/Sierra 6-lug Z71 OFF ROAD 4WD Trucks with Aluminum Front Suspension.. (NOTE: Does Not Work With AWD Denali Trucks - Will NOT work with 2007-2013 GM 1500 trucks. Not for use with Non-Z71 Off Road trucks - For all 2014-UP Z71’s it is imperative that they measure vehicle prior to purchase. There must be a 2.25” to 2.5” difference between the front and the rear. To use this kit your truck must have less than 2.25" of front rake.

This Kit is for use on 2014-UP GM1500 Z71 Off Road 4WD trucks with factory Aluminum Front Suspension. If you have steel front suspension components you need to use 69-3417.

The 69-3415 2.25" SST Lift Kit is designed for use on Z71 Off Road trucks. Z71 Off Road front suspensions have a taller front strut than non-Z71 or standard Z71 trucks. In order to achieve a lifted ride height that is comparable to our popular 4.0" lift height, less front lift is required. By lifting the front 2.25" in front, Z71 Off Road trucks will sit at the same lifted height as a non-Z71 truck with our 4.0" lift kit. This system significantly increases ground clearance while allowing for tire sizes up to 33" on aftermarket wheels. The most common tire size for this application is 33x11.50. 20x9.5 with 5.25" backspacing requires no fender modifications. 17x9 +0 offset on a 285/70R17 will fit with no rubbing. With a 295/70r17 minor trimming/modification required. Note: This kit is designed to be used with aftermarket wheels.

The ReadyLIFT 69-3415 SST Lift Kit will raise the 2014-UP Silverado/Sierra 1500 Z71 Off Road 4WD trucks 2.25" in front thanks to our overwhelmingly popular CNC-machined billet aluminum strut extensions that bolt directly to the top of the factory strut. Unlike some kits which require you to cut off your strut studs or break the top hat seal which are irreversible modifications, our rugged strut extensions require No Modifications to be made to the strut in order to install the extension. This guarantees the strut will maintain the factory integrity as well as drastically reducing installation time.

Two key products were developed to make lifting without modifications a possibly. At the heart of the system is our all-new 100% DOM tubular upper control arm. This new heavy-duty control arm features OEM-style ball joints pre-pressed into a strong crown that retains OEM geometry throughout the suspension cycle and doesn't require any modifications to the spindle. That means no drilling or machining to make the ball joints fit the spindle. The new control arms include 90-degree grease fittings to insure the life of the new polyurethane bushings.

The second important product that makes this kit possible is our Patent Pending CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum differential drop brackets. When raising the front suspension the differential must be lowered to maintain front axle and CV angles. ReadyLIFT has engineered a differential drop system that cuts installation time in half compared to other similar kits. Unlike other differential drop brackets made from steel plate that bend and can cause CV failure, our CNC-machined brackets cannot ever bend, break or cause any driveline problems when using 4WD mode. That is guaranteed! Accompanying our patent pending differential drop brackets is a thick powdercoated plate steel skid plate that utilizes the factory attachment locations for ease of installation while providing tough differential protection when off roading.

To lift the rear of the Silverado/Sierra pickups this lift system includes 3.0" OEM-style cast iron rear lift blocks and u-bolts. Our 3.0" rear lift blocks include the correct pinion angle correction and axle locating ears for perfect fit and performance. This block replaces the factory 1.25" rear block for an increase of 1.75" which will provide approximately .5" of rear to front rake. A slight rake is helpful for towing or hauling.

Completing this great new lift system are a set of steel rear shock extensions. No need to replace your great-riding factory rear shocks with inferior aftermarket shocks. These new shock extension brackets keep the rear shocks in the factory mounting position which means your truck will ride great! And that's important!

Like all ReadyLIFT products, the 69-3415 SST Lift Kit System is protected by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

NOTE: The ReadyLIFT SST Lift Kit is designed for use with Aftermarket Wheels with a backspacing of 5.25". If you intend to run the stock wheels with an aftermarket larger tire, a wheel spacer is required to prevent the tire from touching the control arm at full locked turn. ReadyLift has developed a CNC-machined billet aluminum wheel spacer 10-3485 for use with factory wheels which have the stud pockets cast into the wheel next to the lug holes on the back side of the wheel.
To run the OE/Factory wheels AND tires, you will need to use the 
"ReadyLIFT 1/2" Billet Wheel Spacers for use with OE/Factory wheels and tires".

Not for use on AWD Denali Trucks.

Not for use on non-Z71 Off Road trucks. Must be Z71 Off Road.
Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps your factory ride - Guaranteed
  • Will never wear, break or fail - Guaranteed
  • Toughest finish – Guaranteed
  • Safest way to lift - Guaranteed
  • Allows for up to 33" tires on aftermarket wheels
  • Allows for up to a 22x9.5" wheel with 5.5" of backspacing
  • 17x9 +0 offset on a 285/70R17 will fit with no rubbing. With a 295/70r17 minor trimming/modification required.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Reduced Installation Time - Save An Hour Or More On Installation Compared to Other Similar Kits

    Kit Includes: (2) Front SST Strut Extensions, (2) Rear Shock Extension Brackets, (2) OEM-Style 3.0" Rear Lift Blocks With U-Bolts, (1) Steel Skid Plate, (2) CNC-Machined Differential Drop Brackets, (2) DOM Tubular Control Arms With Pre-Pressed Ball Joints, (8) Polyurethane Greaseable Bushings, Instructions & All Necessary Hardware.

2009 GMC Sierra 1500 shown with 20x9 Eagle Alloy Wheels (5.5" backspacing) and 33" (295/55-R20) Nitto Trail Grappler Tires.

NOTE: The choice of aftermarket wheels and backspacing is important in order to avoid tire contact at full turn. Some minor inner fender plastic may need to be trimmed in order to accomodate wheels with less backspacing than recommended or tires wider than 11.50".