Chesapeake Truck Worx history began in Tim Weller's home garage in 2015. Tim, an expert underwater treasure hunter by trade, started out by modifying and repairing his friends' early Broncos and by 2015 a legitimate business was born.

The backyard garage soon became too small to handle the work that was coming in and he looked for a new location. After a few moves, CTW eventually ended up in it's current location and since 2018, CTW rapidly expanded to a full size Custom Truck Shop with multiple maintenance & repair bays.

Tim joined forces with Matt Ewald in 2019. Matt, has an amazing talent for diagnosing off-road truck performance issues and customizing trucks for both off-road and street environments brought an elevated focus to CTW and the overall custom truck build process.

Tim's & Matt's strong passion for Custom Truck Builds was very evident and they quickly became known as an experts in their field. 

For nearly five years Chesapeake Truck Worx has been evolving with the four wheel drive marketplace.  Many years of learning and growing have allowed CTW to cater to owners of cars, trucks and suvs of all types. As long as Chesapeake Truck Worx exists we will grow with our industry and customers' needs. We hope to see you, your family and friends as we continue to make Custom Truck history!

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This beauty is the latest restoration project to come out of the shop. See more pictures below.