Carli Dodge 1994-2012 Pintop 2.5 3" Lift Suspension System

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Carli's Pintop 2.5 system offers a great solution for the daily driver/weekend warrior. With improved on road ride quality, the Pintop 2.5 also offers the benefits of King 2.5 shocks in terms of durability, longevity, improved on road rid and handling, and enhanced off road performance.

This kit utilizes the factory shock towers with specifically engineered front King 2.5 shocks, allowing for clearance of motor modifications such as twin turbos not typically available with 2.5" and bigger shock setups.

Carli provides the option of whether to include the sway bar end links or torsion sway bar as well as rear progressive add a packs or full progressive leaf springs with this system. For 2003-2009 trucks especially, the replacement sway bar end links are highly recommended as 2"+ of front lift tends to overextend the factory sway bar end links. The progressive add a packs are designed to retain factory weight capacity while softening the rear of the truck as the rear suspension compresses. The full progressive leaf springs replace the entire factory leaf spring pack and are designed to retain about 85% percent of the factory weight capacity. In terms of ride quality, the full progressive leaf springs offer one of the most significant improvements in ride quality available for these trucks.

*2010-present vehicles have 2 possible sizes of Sway Bar End Links. Place a socket on the nut that compresses the rubber End Link bushings; fitment of an 18mm socket will indicate the need for the 12mm part number.